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Shelley Amster, BSMT

Shelley Amster, Founder and Principal, ShelleyCO, LLC, is a connector and relationship catalyst. Shelley nurtures healthy business and scientific relationships, uncovers new opportunities, and provides business development resources for her clients. With a large Rolodex of strong relationships from the healthcare and life science industries, Shelley has an extensive track record bringing leaders in industry, academia, government, the investment community, and (non) profit organizations together – locally, nationally, and globally.

Prior to founding ShelleyCO, Shelley was a pioneer in the infertility/IVF industry. Besides being one of the first IVF lab directors in the US, Shelley helped commercialize products and services in that industry. Shelley is also a sought after healthcare and life science conference producer. She is known for developing quality programming and bringing recognized leaders together as faculty and attendees to facilitate partnerships and collaborations.

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