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Project management - research tools product development

A venture capital backed company developing a novel technology for separating and identifying complex mixtures of proteins from biological research samples required a project manager to help transition the company's product from research to market launch. The product development project was intended to encompass final validation of capabilities, prototype design and testing and then on to product design and manufacturing. A NEPA team member came on board as a part time project manager to help guide the path forward.


  • Interviewed management team to ascertain full product requirements
  • Interviewed key research and development staff to understand the history and current status of the product and technology
  • Worked closely with scientific founder and staff product engineer to assess the most productive path forward
  • Conclusions:
    NEPA's assessment of the technology concluded that it was not yet capable of delivering the desired capabilities. Troubleshooting efforts were undertaken in conjunction with the scientific and engineering staff to better understand the gaps that needed to be addressed. In the end, NEPA's recommendation for this company was to resume research efforts because key elements of the original theory of operation needed refinement to improve the prospects for success with the intended product application.