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Case Studies

Advisory services for a CRO developing an incubator business

Contract chemistry services provider saw a need in the industry for providing start-up incubator space suitable for carrying out chemistry research. Required guidance in launching a new incubator business model that could co-locate with existing services operation.


  • Assessed market need and potential impact on existing service business.
  • Reviewed facilities costs and availability of space/instrumentation.
  • Guided space allocation, access to instrumentation and cost structure for two trial incubation companies.
  • Conclusions:
    First incubator company trial was successful; the company occupied space suitable for multiple chemists to carry out work over several months leading to funding that supported an exit to a stand-alone facility. A second trial incubation company has decided to maintain long-term presence in the incubator while self-funding proof-of-concept work. NEPA recommended hiring a specialist consultant to develop marketing materials and to lead the business development effort – continuing to advise the team following the formal launch of the chemistry incubator.