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Transition of acquired drug discovery assets to buyer’s portfolio

A mid-sized Pacific Rim biopharmaceutical company, with a portfolio of products in a specific therapeutic area spanning discovery through marketed products, sought to diversify by acquiring the assets of a lead optimization stage company working in a complementary therapeutic area. The client’s internal staff and facilities were occupied with existing projects with staggered timelines for completion - required assistance in transitioning the new assets into their existing portfolio. A major goal of the client was to build a diversified R&D portfolio as part of an effort to secure a US stock listing, preferably through M&A.


  • Assessed status of newly acquired assets with respect to progress toward clinic
  • Worked closely with client’s team to craft a project and work plan to meet both scientific and budget requirements as well as staggered availability of internal project staff over time
  • Four NEPA team members brought in operational expertise, as needed to plan and execute the work plan
  • Established a local fully operational laboratory, recruited three scientist to provide specialist scientific expertise and to carry out the laboratory work
  • NEPA managed the R&D relationship involving the local site, ADMET and Chemistry CROs and provided the buyer with reports that were shared with internal scientific staff
  • Provided scientific and strategic advice for additional, newly acquired programs that were not being prosecuted in the NEPA facility
  • Held monthly meetings with client’s Senior R&D leadership, in person and online with 3 international sites, to present progress made in integrating programs into the internal portfolio
  • Conclusions:
    The NEPA team successfully executed the research program during a 16 month engagement and provided scientific and strategic expertise to guide future work. The client integrated the new assets into their R&D portfolio during this time as internal projects concluded. The client’s internal team has continued the work on these new assets with one having progressed to pre-clinical development within a year of NEPA’s engagement and two additional programs making good progress toward candidate selection. Importantly, the client’s newly diversified portfolio, that NEPA helped to establish, was an important component of the buyer’s successful pursuit of a US stock listing via M&A in late 2012.